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Sorry For The Toning

Hello there! This is chii, just wanting to say thank you for all the kind words we receive! We really do appreciate them & wish there was a better way to reply to comments here.

Well, as we continue posting pages (expect to see one every weekend), you may notice a difference in toning. We're working with a new software program called Manga Studio. And while it seems to be superior to our old program, ComicWorks, it is quite different & lots more complicated. I (the primary toner) will be experimenting with this program on the Boy Talk pages (sorry, can't afford to experiment on portfolio comics), SO sorry if sometimes the tones aren't great! Hope you can bear with us during this new & changing period.

-Chii (of Studio Hachi)

posted by Hachi @ February 3rd, 2006, 9:03 pm  -  0 Comments

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